C l a s s    L e v e l s  

F o u n d a t i o n

Classes are suitable for absolute beginners and also for students who wish to consolidate their yoga practice at a foundation level.

The postures (asanas) will be taught in a progressive and methodical way - providing a solid foundation for new students.

G e n e r a l  / B e g i n n e r s

Classes are for students who have completed a Foundation Course (s) or who have had some previous yoga experience.

Basic postures (asanas) are taught to develop strength,stamina and flexibility and are suitable for any age group.

G e n e r a l

In a general class, students will introduced to a wider range of asanas and basic pranayamas, and the practice will be more intensive than at General / Beginners’ Level.

Inverted postures will be regularly introduced.

I n t e r m e d i a t e

This class will be more demanding than the General Level Classes as more challenging asanas are introduced. Intermediate and Senior asanas will be studied in more detail.At this level, students are encouraged to develop their own home practice.

" E a s y   a n d    G e n t l e "

This class is for students of any age who are looking for a gentler yoga practice. The class will be for one hour only.

It willt will be especially beneficial for older students and those who have particular problems.

Postures can be adjusted and helped by the use of props so that the individual needs of all students can be addressed.

P r a n a y a m a

Pranayama classes are for students who have already established a yoga asana practice.  Breathing exercises will be introduced gradually and students will be encouraged to work at their own level.  Pranayama practice is beneficial to improve the circulatory system, soothe the nervous system and calm the mind.

T h e r a p y   & R e h a b i l i t a t i o n

This course is for students with specific medical conditions and injuries or who maybe in the recovery or remission stage of their illness.

All students will be individually assessed before starting the course so that they can be given a personal programme.

I n f o r m a t i o n  f o r   b e g i n n e r s

Q. What shall I wear?  

A. Anything comfortable such as a t/shirt and shorts or leggings. It is recommended that you do yoga in bare feet.

Q.What about Equipment

A.The Centre is fully equipped so there is no need to bring equipment to classes.

Q.Can I have a meal before the class?

A.Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach so try to give a heavy meal about four hours to digest. Leave an hour for a light snack or drink.

Q.What about my bad back/stiff  shoulders/arthritis/weak wrists?

A.All postures can be made easier for medical conditions and may relieve them.  If you are seeing a doctor regularly, ask his/her advice first.

Q.How does it affect other forms of exercise and sports?

A.It will not interfere with other sports – it merely makes you more effective in whatever you do.

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