Our Teachers

We are lucky to have a number of fabulous teachers at our centre, offering tons of experience. Click on a teacher to find out more about them.

Margaret Carter (KIYC Founder)
Cath Elton
Elise Fleming
Jill Johnson
Jules Murray
Lindsay Jones
Louise Williams
Maxine Wollaston
Rebecca Morris
Richard Nockles
Tanja Kohl-Christian

Margaret Carter

Margaret has a wealth of experience as both a student and teacher. She has been practising Iyengar Yoga for over 50 years (yes really!) and teaching for over 35 of them. She started teaching in 1983 once her children had started school, and in 1996 gained her Senior Teaching Certificate. In 1987 she became an Assessor for the Iyengar Yoga Association and has been assessing trainee teachers ever since.  In 2006 Margaret was delighted when Mr BKS Iyengar personally gave his permission for her to open a dedicated Iyengar Yoga Centre in Knutsford.

Her love of Iyengar Yoga was pretty instant. She remembers attending her first yoga class with a friend, not really knowing what to expect. She was instantly hooked. She loved the precision, the emphasis on correct alignment in the postures and the feeling of wellbeing after the class.

Her interest and love of the subject has grown steadily over the years, and she continues to develop her own practice through attending workshops and intensive courses. This has included a number of visits abroad to further her knowledge and experience, as well as attending classes with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in India. She feels very fortunate to have had the chance to attend classes taught by Mr Iyengar himself.

As well as developing her practice, Margaret has been very active within the Iyengar Yoga network. She spent many years as a Committee Member of the Manchester and District Institute of Iyengar Yoga as well as being a member of the National Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) Executive Council. As a member of the Executive Council she held the post of Treasurer and then Vice Chair, as well as being one of the main organisers of the Association`s Annual Conventions.

Margaret still enjoys teaching classes for complete beginners as well as teaching at a higher level for more experienced students.

You can contact Margaret on:

Tel: 07807 348441

E-mail: knutsfordyoga@aol.com

Cath Elton

Over 10 years ago a Physiotherapist recommended that Cath take up yoga or pilates after injuring her back whilst pregnant with her third child. She found a local Yoga class which happened to be Iyengar Yoga.

She fell in love with Yoga, attended class every week and found that not only did her back benefit but so did the rest of her body. She found the Iyengar method of learning and progressing very logical (although, at that stage, she didn’t know what or who an Iyengar was!). 

What she loves the most is that, unlike most other physical activities, age doesn’t impair you, slow you down or stop you joining in. Instead, you’re never too old to start.

She also enjoys that, with yoga, you’re always learning and you get to do things you’ve not done since you were a child, like handstands and “the crab” (back arch) … or in her case, the things she never could do as a child! It might take a few years’ practice, but Cath believes you should “never say never”.Cath qualified as an Iyengar Teacher in 2011 and wants to pass on her enthusiasm for Iyengar Yoga to her students.

You can contact Cath on:

Tel: 07974 936365  

E-mail: cath01.elton@gmail.com

Elise Fleming

A stressful job, a lower back injury and a desire to spend weekly quality time (and laughter!) with friends brought Elise to yoga. Twenty years later and her back is stronger, more flexible, and more stable. She’s ditched the job for a much better one and enjoys yoga several times a week with friends and new colleagues. Yoga makes her feel good, both physically and mentally, and allows her to eat more chocolate – a basic for a happy life!

Elise teaches the Saturday morning class and couldn’t wish for better students. They are friendly, committed, ask questions and really enjoy their yoga. The class has a mixture of beginners through to intermediate students, and the age range spans from 15 to 60+. Classes are designed to ensure that everyone can complete the sequence of poses and leave feeling better than when they arrived. She usually themes the classes so that they practice a particular action or actions in a variety of poses each week.

Margaret is her teaching mentor and has trained her for the past 10 years. Elise qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher seven years ago and currently teaches to intermediate junior level.  Margaret’s patient and knowledgeable support continues. She attends two classes with her every week and is a regular student at workshops held at the Centre, taught by senior teachers from around the world. In 2015, Elise spent an unforgettable month at BKS Iyengar’s yoga school in Pune, India, being taught by the Iyengar family.   

You can contact Elise on:

Tel: 07976 723631 

E-mail: elisecf@hotmail.co.uk

Jill Johnson

Jill first practised yoga in her late 30s, realising that cardiovascular exercise alone did not bring the physical and mental benefits that a yoga class did.

The thing she enjoys most about teaching Iyengar Yoga is seeing how the sequencing of the poses can bring great benefit to students. Many of her students have said that attending yoga classes has brought a significant improvement to the quality of their lives. 

Jill is qualified to Intermediate Senior Level 3 and has been to the Iyengar Institute in Pune three times. She also attends regular workshops both in the U.K. and Europe.

As the current Chair of IY UK Jill is very involved in helping all teachers and students to enjoy their yoga.

You can contact Jill on:

Tel: 07791 315988

E-mail: jjyoga@mac.com

Jules Murray

Jules has been practising Iyengar yoga for over twenty years and qualified to teach in 2010.  It was a desire to learn more about yoga which prompted her to embark on Iyengar yoga teacher training, after dismissing the idea for years because she could not master headstand which is a prerequisite.
It was not until she came to Knutsford, and Margaret, that all her obstacles were removed, and now she is delighted to be actually teaching at this wonderful yoga centre.  
Jules started her working life in medical publishing which made use of her degree subject, Human Biology.  As she has continued her study of Iyengar yoga, the significant connection between human biology and yoga (particularly between anatomy and physiology), as well as the meticulous and thus safer nature of Iyengar yoga, has become more and more the focus of her practise and teaching.
Jules attained her Intermediate Junior 1 certificate in 2016.

You can contact Jules on:

Tel: 07946519573

E-mail: jamyoga@gmail.com

Karen Brindle

Karen qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2016 and is currently training for her Junior 1 Intermediate Certificate. She attends regular classes and workshops at KIYC and really appreciates the excellent teaching and wonderful yoga centre provided by Margaret Carter.

She loves the calmness of the Centre, which she finds an ideal place for the practice and teaching of Iyengar Yoga. Karen loves watching people develop through the practise of yoga and feels very privileged to be able to share something that she is so passionate about.

You can contact Karen on:

Tel: 07977 298991  

E-mail: karenbyoga@gmail.com

Lindsay Jones

Lindsay has practised yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching for nine of them.  She went to her first class after babysitting for a friend who invited her along. Years later, she ended up teaching her friend’s granddaughter.

Keeping her body and mind healthy is what attracts Lindsay to yoga, and in her teaching, she loves to see the effect the practice has on others. Often students arrive at class tense and anxious and it gives Lindsay pleasure to see them leave calm and relaxed as they leave.

You can contact Lindsay on:

Tel: 07847 225890    

E-mail: lindsayjj20@yahoo.co.uk

Louise Williams

Louise believes it is Iyengar Yoga’s attention to the details that helps us develop the strength and flexibility needed to experience the wonderful feeling of the mind, body and spirit being supported and

nourished. She also loves the fact that everyone, no matter their age, shape, size or ability can benefit from Iyengar Yoga.

Louise really enjoys teaching here at Knutsford, where she also attends classes. She feels that the atmosphere really lends itself to the practice of yoga, and it is great having all the equipment to make sure everyone can get the best out of their practice.

Most importantly, she sees the building itself, regardless of the outside weather, like a warm hug encouraging and supporting students and teachers along their way.

You can contact Louise on:

Tel: 07752 877612  

E-mail: l.a.williams@tinyworld.co.uk

Maxine Wollaston

From her very first class, Maxine knew that she would be practicing yoga for the rest of her life. She had caught the bug.

She started practicing yoga in 2012, after a difficult period in her life. As a bit of a perfectionist at heart, Maxine was really glad to find Margaret (Carter), an experienced teacher who really knew what she was doing.

Her desire to learn more about the Iyengar method led her to enrol on the teacher training program. She was really interested in ‘deconstructing’ the way Iyengar Yoga is taught, so she could understand the physical practice more. During her teacher training Maxine learnt about so much more than just the physical side of yoga practice. She realises now there is still much more to learn, and although the course was hard work, what she took away from it was more than worth it.

Maxine really believes that her commitment to practice Iyengar Yoga has dramatically enriched her life, something she often hears others say about their own practice. And she finds it particularly heart-warming to hear it from people she has introduced to Iyengar Yoga. She gets a real boost from being able to help people with their practice and see the benefits they get from it.

As a teacher, Maxine loves being able to pass on what she has learnt and to help people to grow stronger, more able, and generally feel better about themselves. If she can make a difference in just one student’s life, then she’ll be happy; if she can make a difference to more than one … then that is even better.

You can contact Maxine on:

Tel: 07811 767559

E-mail: max.yoga@mail.com

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca grew up in Nottingham but has lived in the Manchester area since 1980

She started going to yoga classes in 2000 and became a teacher in 2011. In 2014 she passed her Junior 1assessment, and in 2015 she visited India for a month at the institute. Here she took part in Yoganushasana with Geeta Iyengar, which was a real experience!

Rebecca enjoys going to workshops with teachers both in the UK and abroad, where she often travels in her campervan.She also teaches at a retreat in Morocco and does a lot of cover work for other teachers who also travel abroad.

She teaches a foundation course at Knutsford and finds it a great honour to be able to teach at the Centre, as it is such a special tranquil space. Her end of term class always finishes with tea and cake – after the class of course!

You can contact Rebecca on:

Tel: 07523 852284 

E-mail: bektrat@hotmail.com

Richard Nockles

First and foremost, Richard is a dedicated student of Iyengar Yoga.  He is very committed to his yoga practice because of its holistic teaching.  He feels that the whole system of Iyengar Yoga brings him physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Richard started Iyengar Yoga in January 2012 and qualified as an Introductory Iyengar Yoga teacher in June 2017.  He teaches the subject with a drive and passion to share what he has learned.  Richard strives in his teaching to share the holistic benefits of Iyengar Yoga.

You can contact Richard on:

Tel: 07544 266484

E-mail: richard.yoga@icloud.com

Susie Murray

Susie has been at the Knutsford Iyengar Yoga Centre since 2007, and still enjoys both attending and teaching classes here.

She holds a Junior Intermediate Level 3 certificate, and has visited the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India, three times.

Susie relishes the opportunity for continual learning and personal development which comes from the study of Iyengar yoga, and thoroughly enjoys sharing her experiences with students and colleagues.

You can contact Susie on:

Tel: 07795384861

E-mail: susie.murray@hotmail.co.uk

Tanja Kohl-Christian

Tanja has practiced Iyengar Yoga since 1999, when she stumbled on an Iyengar Yoga Class in the local leisure centre. She has always enjoyed exercise, but quickly realised that the benefits of yoga go beyond just physical exercise. Yoga brings many emotional benefits too. 

Tanja qualified as an Introductory Level 2 teacher in 2013 and has since enjoyed teaching the Monday night foundation at Knutsford Iyengar Yoga Centre.

Tanja especially enjoys teaching beginners and feels it is important to keep developing her knowledge, which she does through regular workshops, both at the Knutsford Centre and further afield.

You can contact Tanja on:

Tel: 07775 884485  

E-mail: tkc09@hotmail.com