Class Information

We offer a number of classes to suit different levels, so you are sure to find a class which suits you. Check out our timetable HERE to find a class. Descriptions of the different class levels can be found  below.

For new students, please take a look at our information for new students below, or get in touch if you have any questions.

We also have regular workshops with visiting teachers. You can find out more about these on our workshops page.

Information for new students

To enrol on a  course, please fill out our booking form.

Preparing for class

What to wear

It is important you feel comfortable while doing yoga. So, something like a t-shirt and shorts or leggings is ideal. Yoga is always done in bare feet.


The Centre is fully equipped, so there is no need to bring equipment to classes. As you progress you may wish to buy some of your own equipment. But that is completely your choice. We will always have everything you need at the Centre.

Eating before a class

Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach, so try to leave about four hours between eating heavy meals and attending class. For light snacks and drinks, an hour should be enough.

Things to consider

Medical conditions

If you are worried about how a medical condition could affect you doing yoga, you may be surprised to find that most medical conditions can be accommodated, usually with some adjustments to the postures.

If you have a medical condition, please do let us know on your enrolment form. It is important we know about any medical conditions so that we can make sure your practice is done safely.

If you are seeing a doctor regularly, you may wish to ask for their advice first.

Impact on other types of exercise / sports

Yoga shouldn’t interfere with other sports. In fact, the good news is that it often makes you more effective in what you do.

Class Levels


Suitable for absolute beginners and also for students who wish to consolidate their yoga practice at a foundation level.

The postures (asanas) are taught in a progressive and methodical way, providing a solid foundation for new students and those wishing to build confidence before moving to a General or General/Beginners Class.

General / Beginner

These classes are aimed at students who have completed a Foundation Course, or who have had some previous yoga experience.

Basic postures (asanas) are taught to develop strength, stamina and flexibility and are suitable for any age group.


In a general class, students are introduced to a wider range of asanas and basic pranayamas.

The practice is more intensive than at the General / Beginner Level, and inverted postures will be regularly introduced.


Intermediate classes are more demanding than the General Level classes, with more challenging asanas introduced. Intermediate and senior asanas will be studied in more detail.

At this level, students are encouraged to develop their own home practice.


This class is suitable for all students, including those students who are new to Iyengar Yoga.

Restorative poses can help promote and maintain good health, bringing deeper relaxation to both body and mind.

Yoga props may be used in these classes to help students stay longer in the postures. The props help to reduce strain, leading to deeper relaxation and allowing the breath to find a natural rhythm.

Breathing exercises will be introduced gradually.

Easy and Gentle

This class is for students of any age who are looking for a gentler yoga practice. The class runs for one hour only and is especially beneficial for older students and those who have particular problems.

Postures are adjusted and helped by the use of props so that the individual needs of all students are addressed